1:1 Reflection

  • You feel a change?
  • You are exhausted, blocked, under pressure?
  • Are you in a challenging situation?

With the right questions we can dive into your situation, facilitative, agile and systemic methods create spaces of possibility and give you clarity, security and structure.

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1:1 Reflexion

  • Sie spüren eine Veränderung?
  • Sie sind erschöpft, blockiert, unter Druck?
  • Sie sind in einer herausfordernden Situation?

Mit den richtigen Fragen können wir in Ihre Situation eintauchen, facilitative, agile und systemische Methoden schaffen Möglichkeitsräume und geben Ihnen Klarheit, Sicherheit und Struktur.

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Christine von Fragstein Mit mir arbeiten Header

My concern that a major film project was at an impasse, was tackled competently and sensitively by Christine von Fragstein. I felt that I had seen myself and the problems of the situation and worked out my own solutions at short notice in an intensive exchange through guided methods, which finally loosened the knot and got the 2020 project going again. In the meantime, the film is going full steam ahead again. Thank you for your support.



Working with Christine from Change Animal was a new experience for me. I have never done this kind of business mentorship/ leadership coaching before. It came at a crucial time in my life, with a lot of personal and professional changes and of course a global pandemic.
The techniques she employed in our sessions were very useful in terms of developing strategies for growth. They also created an important space to reflect on leadership successes and challenges facing our project, with very useful techniques and approaches to unpack and grow from there. I found the process to be very enlightening and helpful in formulating action plans that will be able to be implemented in our project, and team development processes going forward. This was really helpful. Thank you Christine!

Sydelle Willow Smith

Co founder of Sunshine Cinema, Berlinale Talents Mastercard Enablement Programme, Berlinale Talents 2020/2021

Christine von Fragstein - Change Animal - 1_1 Coaching (2)
Christine von Fragstein - Change Animal - 1_1 Coaching
Christine von Fragstein - Change Animal - 1_1 Coaching (1)