Professional, lively, entertaining

Your conference, general meeting, strategy session... is coming up?

You would like to organize the event online and have a good exchange with your customers, partners, members, teams?

You have already experienced enough boring and exhausting online meetings and you don't want it to be exactly like that?

Wonderful, that fits!

We support you in making your online event entertaining, varied and human. Contemporary, efficient in terms of content and goal-oriented.

The online conferences can be held in German as well as in English.

“A conference in a virtual room is not better or worse than in presence - it is different. Planning a good online conference takes that into account.”

Andrea Rawanschad


CEO European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE)

Thanks to Christine's know-how, experience and inspiration, we feel well equipped to find creative and adequate solutions for moving workshops into virtual spaces.

Nadejda Pondeva

Aachen City Region, Education Conference, November 2020

Thank you very much for the good support during the implementation of our first virtual education conference. During the cooperation, we learned to appreciate your structured and professional manner very much. Through your solid methodical implementation and the many valuable details, you succeeded in creating a very pleasant working atmosphere. Thank you very much for contributing to the success of our education conference.

May we introduce ourselves: Christine von Fragstein and Andrea Rawanschad

Facilitators, moderators and online hosts

Our strengths:

  • Methodological know-how in moderation and facilitation
  • Zoom professionals and experience in numerous digital collaboration tools
  • Development of an individual process design for exactly your event
  • Strong network with great partners
  • Enthusiasm and lots of experience in the world of online working and hosting
  • And if something turns out differently than previously planned: we stay flexible and cope with situations spontaneously and charmingly
Christine von Fragstein Profil

Christine von Fragstein

„As a project and cultural manager with 15 years of experience, I have developed and implemented major international projects and more than 500 events for the Berlin Film Festival, the Zurich Film Festival, ministries and municipalities. I am a facilitator through and through (facilitare means to ease, to encourage and to empower processes) and that is exactly my vocation - for some years now also as a host in the online world. I am an incorrigible optimist, launching projects enthusiastically and with great empathy. Andrea Rawanschad is the perfect colleague as we complement each other wonderfully - she loves technology and usually visualizes processes and I admire her warmth, approachability and openness!“

Andrea Rawanschad Profil (1)

Andrea Rawanschad

„I confess: I like working online and am an enthusiastic online host! And no, working together in virtual space does not replace working together in presence. It is simply a different kind of togetherness, but one in which good learning, efficient meetings and exciting conferences can take place - professionally, humanely and lively - and in my case always with a digital pen in my fingers. Christine von Fragstein is the perfect colleague as she pulls all the (operational strings) in a relaxed manner and maintains an overview and flexibility even in complex conferences.

The nicest compliment we have received together as online hosts so far? "In the meantime, I completely forgot that we were online ...“

Visualisation examples

from our work

Zoom-Etikette Visualisierungsbeispiel
Ausblick / Orientierung Bildungskonferenz

Our offer at a glance

Depending on your needs, we advise and support you in the planning, preparation, invitation, implementation and results management of your online event.

Our packages

Paket S
  • Advice on process and choreography
Paket M
  • Advice on process and choreography
  • TechHosting
  • Use of collaborative tools
Paket L
  • Advice on process and choreography
  • TechHosting
  • Process design (one feedback loop)
  • (Co-)Moderation
  • Briefing of speakers and team
  • Short training with technical introduction for participants
  • Use of collaborative tools
  • Visualisation package
  • Documentation package
Paket XL
  • Advice on process and choreography
  • TechHosting
  • Process design (two feedback loops)
  • (Co-)Moderation
  • Briefing of speakers and team
  • Short training with technical introduction for participants
  • Use of collaborative tools
  • Visualisation package
  • Documentation package
  • Invitation
  • Video recording

Film editor from the USA, participant in edimotion 2020's International Film Editors Forum.

My editor's heart is overflowing! What an incredible group of people. I am so inspired and grateful to have been able to connect with so many! Thank you, Christine, for the smoothest and most inspiring ZOOM conference I've ever been to! I had a wonderful time.

Julia Schaadt

virtual cultural conference KulturRegion Aachen 2020

A whole new experience! It was really fun and worked perfectly, Christine von Fragstein ... and we all charmingly smiled away the very small technical bumps, didn't we Andrea Rawanschad?

“Collaboration in virtual spaces saves time, resources and protects our environment - and can be designed with many interactive tools and energizers, that everyone stays involved.”

Christine von Fragstein

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